"Everything can be read, every surface and silence, every breath and every vacancy, every eddy and current, every body and its absence, every darkness every light, each cloud and knife, each finger and tree, every backwater, every crevice and hollow, each nostril, tendril and crescent, every…


landscape with the fall of icarus - william carlos williams

#forever fascinated by the translations between mythology and history   #the idea that the heaven-wracking events of myth   #the murders and violations and revenges and glories; the blood and blades and fury   #would register only as little & distant tremors in the landscape of human antiquity   #how icarus’ wild doomed flight which dared the height & purview of gods could be just a dark flitting thing against the noon-bright sky   #and his ruinous fall could be just a soft muted splash to another mortal ear   #and how we overwrite events to give them a symbolic power   #so that icarus’ flight becomes emblematic of the whole history of human daring and pursuit and endeavour and glorious failure   #its resonance renewed every time it’s invoked within this fabric of shared cultural dreaming   #myths are brilliant i love them a lot okay   #mythology   #poetry   #william carlos williams   #icarus also flew   #meta  -via elucipher


Marc Vaux, Le Louvre pendant la guerre, 1939.

Eva Green for Campari Calendar BTS (2015)


Cover of Town Magazine Feb/1962

"Mirror, Mirror". Léa Seydoux photographed by Eric Guillemain


Tadao Ando
Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum
Higashiosaka, Japan